Công ty Indi Game - Tuyển dụng Game Designer - Comic Media Academy

Công ty Indi Game - Tuyển dụng Game Designer

Mô tả công việc
- Pitch, design and prototype core game systems.
- Contribute to the handling, gameplay, and mechanics setup.
- Responsible for implementing approved designs within the editor.
- Create and maintain design documentation, including feature specification and implementation guidelines that are easy to understand.
- Collaborate with the development team to ensure the implementation of systems into actual gameplay maintaining the overall balance between multiple gameplay system.
- Prioritize and meet deadlines, document and communicate progress, participate in design meetings.
- Implement, balance and bug fix gameplay features, overseeing them from concept to final implementation.
- Following industry trends and good practices.
- Play-test and QA prototypes.
- Designing small to medium complex systems and tuning them for specific goals.
- Generating new ideas, but also taking exterior ideas and goals and successfully executing against those.
- Taking a holistic approach to quality and delivery to ensure that the feature set and corresponding execution creates the best possible product.
- Working closely with quality assurance and other designers to ensure that features are continually balanced and tuned.
Yêu cầu công việc
- New graduates will be trained.
- Using animation software is an advantage.
- Having a spirit of learning, responsibility, high pressure

Contact: recruit@indigames.net
Website: https://indigames.net/

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